Designed and hand made

I am an artist and the majority of the subjects I paint relate to pubs, in particular the interiors.  I have exhibited in many galleries and continue to sell originals and limited editions prints.  

I have recently completed a commission for TV chef and personality Rosemary Shrager.  I completed a very large painting for Rosemary's cookery school in Royal Tunbridge Wells and created several screen print pictures for her local patisserie.

As part of my creative journey, I have designed a glassware range which includes champagne flutes, whisky tumblers and pint glasses.  The glasses have been a natural progression to continue the 'pub/drinking' theme, whilst the glass provided an alternative surface to canvas. 

I have worked in collaboration with a pottery in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire who have hand made the glasses.  There are ten processes, which the glasses go through before completion.  In short, the glasses are silk screen printed to give a great quality, lithographed and then fired in kilns before being packaged by hand ready to send to you!