Hello, thank you for taking the time to look at my online shop and my background. So, I am an artist and I exhibit in several galleries and sell originals and limited editions prints.  Originally, from Lincoln I have lived in the East Riding of Yorkshire for the last 25 years.  I originally, qualified as an interior designer and then with very young children I qualified as an architect....however, my real passion has always been art...I should have gone to art school!

Very sadly, in 2015 I lost my ‘Nan’ who I loved dearly and she and my Grandad left me a small sum of money.  I didn’t want to use the money to pay for bills or a few trips to the supermarket, I wanted to use their gift to me to start a project that would hopefully grow in their memory.  I used the money to buy canvases, paint and a few hundred glasses in order to develop my ideas.  Having a love for the ‘odd glass or two of something refreshing’ I had the idea to design a set of glassware, whereby the alcohol would also form part of the design. For example, I have designed 5 whisky tumblers with different lakes on them from the majestic Lake District, another nod to my grandparents as we use to holiday there every year. The whisky becomes the lake and my design of the surrounding fells becomes either ‘Buttermere’ or say ‘Derwent Water.  My champagne flute is a lady diving into the bubbles and my pint glasses also integrate the beer and froth into the design.  The beer becomes the stormy sea and the froth the sky. 

I worked in collaboration with a pottery in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire who fired the glasses on my behalf after receiving my designs.  There are ten handmade processes, which the glasses go through before completion.  In short, the glasses are silk screen printed to give a great quality, lithographed and then fired in kilns before being packaged by hand ready to send to you.  

One wonderful surprise was when I received out the blue and email from Kits Browning, only the son of Dauphne Du Maurier!!  One of my pint glasses is based on one of my favourite novels a 'Frenchmans Creek' by Daphne, which depicts a ship on a stormy sea with Dona waiting for her lover, Kits had seen it in a magazine and contacted me to say that his Mum would have been delighted if she were still here! I posted him one straight away... Can't get much better than that... 

Anyway, coming back down to earth, I carried on the ‘drinking’ theme and painted some 6ft paintings of my favourite local pub ‘The White Horse’ in Beverley and these have been warmly received. 

I have recently completed a commission for TV chef and personality Rosemary Shrager.  I completed a very large painting for Rosemary's cookery school in Royal Tunbridge Wells and created several screen print pictures for her local patisserie.

I have also produced some new mixed media artwork, which explores a resonance with the past with a contemporary twist.  

Currently, I am working on a new collection of large paintings for a solo exhibition, which you can see by clicking on 'Paintings' and then the 'Latest Collection 2020'... and after buying a kiln (yikes) with the money from my paintings, I also hope to improve my ceramics, which to date I have only learnt from You Tube videos...I had never held a ball of clay until last year! The first time I fired up the kiln I couldn't sleep in fear that it would blow the garage up...fortunately, I have had no 'blowing up' issues on a large scale although I have lost a few pots in the kiln through trial and error!